What is the process?

We have a waiting list for potential Residents.  An application form must be completed in detail, and submitted together with a deposit of R3 000.00 for Life Right Units, and R1 000.00 for rental units, in addition to a R200 annual administration fee. The deposit is only refundable upon acceptance as a Resident on the Estate.

An application form may be downloaded or collected from our Estate Reception, alternatively email info@randjesestate.co.za and an application form can be emailed to you.

Applications may only be processed once the deposit has been paid and all documentation regarding proof of assets has been received by our office. Please note that there is a minimum financial criteria requirement.

We currently have 275 people on the waiting list for our Life Right Units, which equates to a waiting period of between 3 – 10 years depending on the accommodation required.  We strongly encourage seniors to place their names on the waiting list as soon as possible in anticipation of acceptance.

Rental units become available often and so the waiting period is usually not long for this type of accommodation.

When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, and you are not ready to move into the Estate, your name will automatically remain at the top of the list until such time as you are in a position to join us at Randjes.

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Independent Living
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