At Randjes Estate, we constantly strive to meet and exceed the needs of our Residents, while providing peace of mind for their families and loved ones.

We continually improve the way we use all our resources to offer the best care, whilst ensuring the Estate’s long-term financial viability.

We value and encourage diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, religious and/or spiritual choices in our community. Our aim is to create a climate where our Residents are happy in a friendly, caring environment in which everyone is treated with compassion and dignity, while observing and ensuring independence and privacy.

We live by the following values:

RESPECT – We always treat people with respect, dignity and common courtesy. And we build trust through open, two-way communication every single day.

INTEGRITY – This means taking an honest, fair, ethical and transparent approach in everything we do.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We take ownership of our decisions, our actions and our results. We deliver on our promises and we never stop learning.

COLLABORATION – No-one here is on their own. We’re one community with a joint ambition – all working and living together, making informed decisions whilst getting things done more effectively.

CARE – People centric care means that our Residents, their families and carers are all partners in care. This combined effort enables our Residents more choice and control in their everyday lives.

Honest and transparent communication promotes the wellbeing of our community. These values attract Residents, Staff and Board Members whose conduct is driven by our Vision and Mission.

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